My intro and what I’m all about!

  • im 24 years old, I’m a working mum, I’m a girlfriend, and a mum of a Threenager!! My other half has a daughter from a previous relationship and I’ve decided to write this blog as a sort of therapy I suppose. My life is hectic! There’s no denying it, the struggles of daily life, working part time, being a full time mummy aswell as a step parent and keeping my household running! the topics that I will talk about weekly on here are…
  • my son and the struggles of having what I like to call a threenager!
  • my step daughter and the relationship we’ve had in the past and our relationship now.
  • my other half and all the things weve been through in the last 5 years and the continuing hard work that goes in to keeping us going!
  • And finally work and our home life.

Firstly the one thing you need to know about me is that I am a self confessed obsessed mother and I absolutely adore my son. He’s my number one priority. A mothers love is indescribable. One thing u should know about him is he’s a miracle. He was born 9 weeks early and the minute i saw him I knew I’d give my life for him. My day starts with him and it ends with him and in many ways he’s my best friend. Something I’m sure all parents can relate too.

like I’ve said I’m a working mum. And I love my job! (Apart from when the alarm goes off first thing). My job is kind of my escape sometimes, it’s a chance for me to leave anything at the door, I’m a barber so I have lots of people in and out through the day and it’s a chance for me to have a decent adult conversation! But I’m sure a lot of working parents will understand the struggle of working all day, coming home and being “mum” aswell as housework and being exhausted in general.

Home life is hectic! But I am guilty of being obsessed with my house and decorating! (Thanks to my trusty next card)! We rent so money is tight and unfortunately I want to live a very nice lifestyle on a poor persons wage! I’m 100% the sensible one, the one who has to say no and the one who makes sure everything is paid on time! But like a lot of people I’m sure, I have a naughty voice in my head sometimes that just shouts at me JUST DO IT! I blame my step mum for this as she always says if it will make you happy do it and then worry about it later!

Lastly comes my other half. Who I like to call the boy. He’s my sons dad and he’s the one I share my life and all these struggles with. He’s a typical annoying bloke! He’s does stupid things, he makes bad decisions and pisses me off on a daily basis but he doesn’t mean too. We’ve faced more in 5 years than many have faced in a lifetime but as that saying goes…. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and there’s a lot of love there. He has a daughter who is 5 and we met just before she was born so I’ve always been in her life. Over the years I have struggled a lot with our relationship and finding the right balance. The struggle started when my son was born and from his dramatic entrance into this world I think I suffered slightly from depression. I kept taking myself out of the situation and if I could give my younger self some advise it would be to hit these problems head on. If your in love with the father, you will love their child. And I’ve always loved her I just struggled to show it.

Now we are 5 years in I feel we are in a good place, we have a good relationship and I feel I’ve slotted into the step parent role a lot better. (When she was born I was only 18 and it was a lot to handle and take in). She stays with us through the week and I do the school runs and I love it. She has so much fun and she plays brilliantly with my son, her younger brother, and he is fully obsessed with her!!

So that’s me. And a brief insight into what I’ll be blogging about 😊 Like I said its a kind of therapy for me to sit down at the end of the week and right a review, fill you in on the crazy things my son gets up to or comes out with, the daily struggles of work and home life and of course my relationship and the ridiculous things we do!


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