A weird week!

So it’s that time again to sit down and write. This week has been a struggle. Myself and my other half had quite a significant issue to deal with last weekend and unfortunately like most couples it spilled into this week. I don’t know if anyone else can relate but after an argument there’s something like a next stage of getting that argument out of your system, and it’s kind of like being in limbo. Where your still mad or upset but you can no longer voice this because as far as the other person is concerned the argument or fall out is over and you’ve both moved forward. So instead your trying to stay out of each others way but also be overly nice when needed just to prove there’s nothing wrong but secretly there still is. It’s like your wanting the other person to stub their toe or fall down the last couple of stairs, but your still going to be there at the bottom to help them whilst saying a small thankyou to God in your head for making it happen!!

Anyway that limbo feeling is what we’ve been dealing with this past week trying to get back to normal. And finally we are over it. (Fully) ha!

My son being 3 he comes out with some truly random things. Half the time i sit wondering where on earth he gets these things from! This week he’s asking everyone if they have the London look, this is from the rimmel makeup advert!! Apparently mummy doesn’t have the London look! My lovely little ninja turtle is also ridiculously obsessed with telling me when I have a spot! As if I already didn’t know when I was applying my make up that morning, there’s nothing like your 3 year old shouting out in the supermarket “oh mummy look at that spot near your chin”!

The kids have been crazy as normal this week. When I picked my partners daughter up from school, the minute she got in the car she was non stop, I felt I needed to search her for hyper pills! They literally bounce off each other, so when one starts to flag the other is right on hand to pick them back up again! What I would do for my kids energy! After school these kids think it’s a perfect opportunity to get away with murder and to ask me really random questions, as I was making dinner on Thursday night my step daughter decides to get all serious, who knew 5 year olds could get deep! She asks me, “so why don’t we all live together in a big house” (meaning us, with her mum and her family at home too)! I was almost baffled as to why this even crossed her mind. But thinking about it now I’m sure she does get confused as to why she lives in 2 houses and not just 1 full time. All I could think of to say was ” I think you’ll understand when your older babe, your just lucky you get 2 families and 2 houses”! She also asked me why I don’t go to school aswell? Well that’s a simple answer I’ve been there and done it and know everything I need too! (I only wish this was true).

I think it’s safe to say that my house is a mad house on a normal day but when Thursday comes it turns completely crazy. I’ve also started to appreciate my own singing on my own in the car! When a 5 year old and 3 year old are singing away and correcting each other on the words even though they are completely wrong, it actually then throws me off!

Ive had a full on baby overload this week, my oldest friend has had a little boy who is now 8 weeks and I’m lucky enough to get to squidge him every week! And my boss has just had a little girl who is 2 weeks old and is just tiny. I’m so used to throwing my little boy around, play fighting and doing general boy things that it was just the best to sit with babies and reminisce on when my ninja was a baby. It’s nice to be able to give a bit of advise if they ask to see if it will help as when I had my baby not many of my friends had children and no body I knew had a really premature baby. but I am loving all these new babies so there will be no complaints from me!! 💖



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