christmas 2015

So I’m back, I’ve been writing every couple of weeks since before Christmas but what I hadn’t realised was that I was saving them as drafts! 😩 So Christmas was hectic! But the kids loved it they were spoilt and my little ninja couldn’t believe how many presents there was! This was the first year he understood what was going on and actually told me what he wanted Father Christmas to bring him. It also came in handy when a tantrum was about to go off because I had the threat of Santa and the fact he was watching everything! All in all it was a good festive period and my other halfs time off was welcomed! Since Xmas the kids have gone back to school and pre-school so school runs have kicked back in, I was in tescos the other day and I picked up the now that’s what I call Disney cd! 4 CDs of every Disney song you can think of personally my dream! Lol nothing I love more than a good sing song but boy has my son and step daughter killed it on every school run for me!!! I’m getting slightly sick of frozen and little mermaid and lion king on repeat! So turns out not the best idea I’ve ever had 😂 Recently we’ve booked a holiday to centerparcs with our friends and they’re little boy, and to tell the truth I can’t bloody wait to have a break and a relaxing week! So roll on April I say. My son is 4 in May and now that it’s Feb I cannot believe how quickly it’ll go before he turns the big 4!! The next milestone for him is starting school in September and although I know he’s totally outgrown pre-school now he still seems too young for big school!

So this year I’ll be trying to enjoy the last few months of having home most days before he’s off to school all week!

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