Connors Last day of pre-school!

Connor had his last day of pre-school on Friday (15/07/16) and it was beyond emotional…. For me. He’s never been one to be attached to my knicker leg but he literally runs off and leaves me at all these major milestones! He had a settling in session at his new primary school which parents were invited to so the kids were at ease and his teacher came over to me and literally told me to leave! She said he’s not bothered so you might aswell leave him here for a couple of hours and go home! I couldn’t believe it. I no I’d complain if I had a socially awkward child that never left my side but is it too much to ask for a bothered child Atleast?!😂 No in all seriousness I’m so happy with how social Connor is and how much he loves being around other children and the school environment even if I do know it won’t last forever. He’s 4 now and I’ve said for quite a while you can see he’s a big fish in a little pond at preschool, well from September he will be a tadpole in an ocean! Preschool has been an absolute god send for myself and Connor and it’s brought him on leaps and bounds and I cannot stress enough how important it is to enroll your kids once they turn 2 or 3 and not all of them cost a short holiday!  But none the less he’s ready and raring to go into big school and can’t wait. I think I can.


Summer holidays are in full swing this week as Connors been on them since Monday and my partners daughter Millie breaks up today (Wednesday). I never understood the mid week break up what is the point in that?! Anyway I’m so excited for these holidays Millie stays with us from Wednesday nights right through to Friday night through any school holiday so myself and Luke get to do some proper days out with both kids together which I’m looking forward too!!

Weathers looking good, kids are on holiday and because it’s school holidays I go down to working just a Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday for 6 weeks so bloody bonus!! Bring on the fun!☀️☀️

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