Centerparcs 2016

Hi everyone!

I’ve not posted for a while so bare with me this could be a long one!


Best place on earth without having to go on a plane to get there!! As you know we went with our best friends and their son and we all had a ball! My son Connor absolutely loved it and was in awe of how much there is to do. I was pleasantly surprised on how adult friendly it was aswell, us parents all like a good drink when the day is done and we were not short of watering holes.😂 I literally cannot stress enough how amazing the swimming is there and the spa is a girls dream! Myself and georgie (my best friend) were booked in for the day which she kindly did as a present for my birthday! I know what a babe! We were so relaxed after a crazy couple of days that we snuck off after and had a couple of pitchers of pimms in the sun and it soon became a reoccurring time every day of “pimms o’clock”🍹 The boys said they had a great daddy’s day with the little ones but I can 100% confirm it didn’t come close to our spa day! Now this place is huge, and even though our shallet was very near the plaza we were miles away from the sports bar and spa so I’m happy to say that we became very good with the little train that rides around to all the stops. This train was definitely my friend, anyone who knows me will know I’m not much of a walker unless I absolutely have to so the train to me was a bloody god send.

I genuibely have nothing bad to say about our stay at centerparcs it was fun for all of us and if you time it right you can get it reasonably cheap, we went the week after the April half term and splitting the price between 4 adults in one big shallet wasn’t bad at all! The only thing I will say is the restaurants and bike hiring is rather pricey so as long as your prepared for that you have my word that you won’t be disappointed!!

Here’s a few snaps from our week away…


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