Durley chine beach!

I absolutely hate the beach! I cannot stand getting all sandy and I’ve been like it since I was a teenager! I’m definitely one to go and find a hotel with a pool! That’s what I love, but nevertheless I’m not one to deprive the kids so with my bestie and her son in tow we braved Durley chine beach today! Now is it just me or does no parent worry about their kids and the sea??? I am such a panicker when it comes to water and the sea I have to be able to see the kids at all times and I hate it when they go in up to to their knees😂 I’m probably just an over worrying parent but I swear no other mum cared? And I’d never noticed untill today but no child had armbands on either? My kids don’t go in far enough as I’ve just mentioned to have to wear armbands but I found this quite surprising!

So basically the whole time we were there I think I called Connors name about 15000 times and I’m sure everyone knew by the time we left who he was and who his parent was 🙋🏼 sometimes when Millie is with us I do struggle with Connors behaviour and I think it’s where he gets so excited to play with her and spend time with her he becomes a bit naughty. Well from last nights movie night right through to today I’ve been battling with Connor to get him to calm down and just chill out for 5 minutes. So the beach today was slightly stressful! I think I bribed with ice cream, lunch and chips all at different times just to get the kids to sit still for 5 mins so I could have a focused conversation with my friends!! Was still a good couple of hours to let the kids run wild and play without my house becoming a bomb site. I’m not going to lie though I was relieved to get home get the kids in showers and to sit down and watch A film before dinner prep!


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