July 2016-

hi everyone,

so on Friday afternoons Luke finishes work at lunchtime so when the kids are on school holidays this makes me happy because I know we can have a proper family afternoon with both our kids!

This Friday afternoon just gone it was like 1000 degrees outside and this year I’ve told Luke we are not buying a big pool for the garden until the gardens been redone, so we had to decide if we were going to do another dreaded beach trip (myself being the one who dreads it) or we were going to go and hunt for a public pool! Then I suddenly remembered this quiet hotel that my friends and I used to visit when Connor was little. he used to sleep in the afternoons so we’d go to this hotel where he could sleep in his buggy in the shade and me and my friends could have lunch and sunbathe. Now he’s 4 he doesn’t nap anymore or fit in a buggy for that matter!! We decided to check it out and see if it had become busy as we hadn’t been there for at least a year, after driving up and down the east over cliff about 10 times and pulling into at least 3 wrong hotels we finally found the Cliffside hotel which had been revamped and promptly renamed ‘ocean beach hotel’ !

I cant even tell you just how nice it was, I think it was about 25’c on Friday and even though the pool was rather cold it was so refreshing and the kids loved it! although I had forgotten id thrown out Millie’s old armbands last year so hadn’t bought her any new ones so she was a bit annoyed she wasn’t allowed to let go of the side in the deep pool yet Connor was belly flopping and flinging himself in time after time! At one point when it was time to go I thought Luke was going to have to jump in and get him as he floated around in the middle of the pool refusing to get out. This is when we became bad parents and started bargaining and bribing our son to do things that we want, the way we got him out of the freezing cold pool that neither of us we going to jump in to retrieve him? good old MacDonald’s!!

Its so nice when we get all this nice weather and I’ve noticed it generally puts people in really good moods, when  the sun is out everybody is happy and smiling. such a shame it never lasts for long as this week we are back to being a bit gloomy and very humid!

The only thing with the hot weather and having kids is I get very paranoid about the kids burning so end up religiously smothering both of them in factor 50. obviously its better safe than sorry and all kids should be smothered in cream every hour even if their only out in the sun for 10 minutes, I read somewhere that your more likely to get burnt when your not directly in the sun and your caught off guard!

This week we are a bit broken up with Millie as she has a family event on her mums side to attend so I’ve decided we will go to the circus Wednesday night and mayber do a day out somewhere on the Friday, so look out for a post and review of what I thought and what the kids thought in their own words!

enjoy the rest of your week guys and keep and eye out for new posts in all my categories!



  1. Family time is precious. You don’t get those missed moments back. 1000 degrees or no, I’m thrilled to see you also took the time to snap some shots. The Beach Boys loved summertime. Glad you and your family are too! OH! I can’t go into the deep end of the pool without arm bands on either.


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