Daily Awkward People Problems

So I came across this post today and ended up really laughing to myself reading the end bit about saying hello to someone that you know but don’t properly know! This happens to me all the time😂 And when I re read it to my other half Luke I was really laughing!! Oh the every day struggles of being a girl hey! Boys hardly ever recognise anyone and when they do its just a “alright”! Why is it us girls get so flustered and then feel the need to strike up an in depth conversation?! Maybe we should all stick to a “alright”!!


Life is a challenge for everyone, but as an awkward person, I have a whole different set of issues I face every day. Now, not every awkward person is the same so if you finish reading this and you think “I’m awkward but I have never been through any of this”…. Then know that this is the first of the awkward things I go through on a regular basis. Telling people things I think everyone experiences only to discover that it’s not normal. I’ll give you an example;  when I meet someone for the first time, they don’t necessarily strike me as drop dead gorgeous or anything but once I get to know them and we become friends, suddenly they become so beautiful. Basically the longer I know the person, the more beautiful they get. See, I thought this was normal for everybody but when I told my friends about…

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