circus wonderland!


So this evening we decided to treat the kids to a trip to the  circus! I’m quite lucky in the fact that at my work (I am a barber so work in a barber shop) we advertise for quite a lot of festivals shows and concerts etc. so when the fair and circus come to town we usually get free tickets. I managed to blag 2 adult free tickets and £4 discount off both kids tickets, unfortunately what I didn’t realise (because I never read anything and I’m a donut) the adult tickets had to be used on the 21/7 so annoyingly I couldn’t use the voucher when booking tickets this morning! Regardless I still booked as I wanted to go and the last time we went to the circus was about 3 years ago!

when we pulled up and saw the tent the kids were so excited, Millie has been before but this was Connors first time visiting the circus and I think for young kids it really is a magical experience. I’m not going to lie it is a bit pricey without discount vouchers but if you’ve got little ones its something you have to do. once we got in there the kids started wanting and asking for all the light up toys, spinning plates, popcorn drinks and candy floss. I decided to buy them a weird fury thing on a stick as they were £2 each and they wanted popcorn as well which was £2.50 each so it all adds up. plus I was starving as id gone straight from working all day got changed and went back out to the circus so I didn’t get time to stop to eat dinner (hotdog it was!). Now it took us 10 minutes to persuade Connor to go into the tent, the reason why Connor is clinging on to me in the photo above is because he’d started to panic! but once the show started and we sat down with our goodies he absolutely loved it. there’s something about watching your kids really belly laugh, it makes me feel as  a parent that I’ve really achieved something!

they were watching in awe of all the acrobats and aerial dancers and gymnasts it was lovely to watch them so happy and really enjoy something so based solely on that it was well worth the money! I think if your well aware its not going to be cheap then youll be pleseantly surprised at the things that don’t cost what you think they will, both kids came out talking about it and saying how much they enjoyed it and that was good enough for me. as an adult I mean it wasn’t the best show ive seen, it didn’t sell out so the audience wasn’t really big enough for the response on the acts but all in all id give it an 8/10.

I always take lots of pictures and selfies with the kids and luke when we are out I think its automatic now to get my phone out an start snapping away and im sure eventually both millie and connor will start to tell me to put my bloody phone away but what can I say? mummy can never have enough pictures! heres some snaps from our trip to circus wonderland 2016 redhill park….



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