My top 5 hot buys of July! 2016

When it comes to shopping I’m a self confessed shopaholic and I don’t care who knows it! Like every girl I know, I love a good bargain and I thought what a good idea it was to log my top buys of the month in my blog! Now because I’m in the hair and beauty industry a lot of top buys and bargains I find are sometimes from the wholesalers but ill be on the look out for anything kid related that I find in preparation for our holiday to Mallorca in October!

1- imperial lather fruit chew shower cream! (Tesco’s £1)


I am loving this body wash at the moment! I have to be careful with what I use every now and again but I do suffer from eczema so I’m always having to trial and test soaps and body washes and face creams to see what keeps my skin settled and what sets it off. This body wash is on introductory offer in Tesco’s at the minute for just £1 and smells good enough to eat! I can smell it on my skin hours after I’ve had my shower in the morning and I’m loving it.

2- Fizzbomb custom made keyring (ordered from Facebook for £9 inc postage)


This is my cute little find on Facebook this month! so I’m a barber through the day 4 days a week and help run a barber shop, but at night I do eyelash extensions. My step mum is a nail tech and has a key ring like this similar and when I saw hers I was dying for one. I found Fizzbomb online and messaged asking if they customize little keyrings, to my delight the lovely lady who does them agreed to make me one. Super fast delivery and super easy payment so cannot rate these guys enough. I always think there’s so many little businesses that just run from Facebook and need a little help boosting their profile, getting reviews and good feedback so next time your looking for a little gift or something for yourself, before googling a big company have a browse on Facebook! Fizzbomb get a 10\10 from me!

3-Bedhead colour goddess shampoo ad conditioner (Capital hair and beauty £15.95 for limited time)


Being in the industry I go to capital hair and beauty supplies quite often. People in the same industry know just how expensive these little trips get, when you go in for a comb and come out with most of the shop and didn’t even know you needed half of it! My hair colour is a rich warm auburn or ginger for short! I really struggle maintaining my colour and find that after a few washes maybe 2 weeks worth my colour has moved up about 3 shades and is very golden. I get so many compliments on the colour of my hair so I’ve been looking for something good to keep the colour lasting and vibrant. I love love love all bedhead products so was delighted to find capital had an offer on all the huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner for just £15.95!!  Now the smaller bottles of these products retail at £19.95 usually so this is well worth it and a proper savers deal. I have used these for about a week now and a few people have commented on how nice my hair smells. It smells like a mixture of honeycomb and caramel so is a really pleasant smell and my hair feels glorious. so far so good but I will do a review once I’ve finished both shampoo and conditioner and I’ve had a trip to the hairdressers for a recolor to see if it helps with making my colour last, check out all the bedhead products and deals at

4- Catwalk salt spray (capital hair and beauty £3.75)

salt spray

Catwalk is products by TIGI-This little baby is an absolute bargain! Bought along with the bedhead products from capital and I absolutely love it. I have quite long thick hair (thanks to the LA weave) and I love the boho chic festival hair styles at the moment. I’m all about the braids and rough messy hair down looks, so this little baby is ideal when I’m feeling a little bit boho! my straighteners are my best friend and I use them religiously so my hair doesn’t always get an easy ride but when I’m going for this look all I do is wear my hair in 2 low plaits before going to bed and in the morning take it out, give my hair a good shake and spray in the salt spray on the ends and through the middle. No straighteners needed! I plait if I feel like it maybe my fringe or a couple of random little plaits through my hair and just tease the rest! its as simple as that and with a price of £3.75 can you really go wrong?! all products bought from the wholesaler’s please always remember the added VAT and bare in mind you might have to be in the industry to purchase anything in store.

5- young girls shorts (F+F by Tesco £4)

shorts sale

I love a good bargain especially when I’m picking up holiday clothes for the kids ready for October when  we go to Mallorca. Tesco have just had there summer sale and I decided to pick a few bits up a couple of weeks ago for both our kids, so they got a couple of sets of pjs each a couple of t-shirts and dresses and some pants and socks to take away. I was in there the other day and just thought id see what had been left and id found these cute little shorts for Millie at a bargain price of just £4! she loved them because she got a Alice band with them but they have an adjustable waistband so we could get the next size up so they last a bit longer and they’re not too short. I don’t think there’s anything worse than a child that looks uncomfortable in what they are wearing, but how cute are they! plain and simple something she can throw on to go to the pool with a t-shirt or dress them up in the evening. I’m always on the look out for little bargains in the supermarkets as I think some of there stuff is underestimated and is really quite lovely. Having a 4 year old boy I don’t necessarily want to be forking out on expensive kids clothes when he’s accident prone and a bit of a bruiser, don’t get me wrong though I love a bit of designer and I’m a sucker for it!



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