Hoorah for Honeybrook Farm!

Honeybrook Farm- http://www.honeybrook.org/

So today was my first day visiting honeybrook farm and I thought it was brilliant! I didn’t realise how popular it was and how similar it is to farmer palmers and putlake farms just a little smaller (and cheaper). There is just as much to do here as there is at the bigger farms and its only just past wimborne Dorset, so not far to go at all which makes the journey home 100 times better when you’ve got two knackered kids in the back and they’re starting to whinge (que the ice-lollies).

Firstly to my surprise it was relatively cheap- £6 adult and £4 each child over 3. I don’t think this is expensive at all and I’m quite happy to pay small entry fees if it means the kids are occupied all day. If your very organised and decide to take a picnic and drinks for the day with you too then even better on the purse! Unfortunately I’m only that organised if I’ve done a food shop and I prep the night before (both id failed to do before this outing) so the kids were treated to the restaurant for lunch. My best friend and her little boy came with us and she, like me, was unprepared as well so it was ok.

secondly I was pleasantly surprised at all the play areas there, the kids were spoiled for choice and a couple were quite a walk as well so it meant a little exercise too!

Thirdly I liked how the times of animal petting, feeding and talks were stated clearly on a big board right at the front as you walk into the farm. This was very helpful as it meant we could plan what to do in the meantime and not miss out on the only milk feeding of the goats that day. There’s a lovely little tractor ride that takes you round so you can spot what there is to do and animals to visit, and staff on hand to help with any questions about the animals.

As I said above we ate in the restaurant, this was ok and the food was ok. the wait time for food was a bit of a let down. I think we were in there for at least an hour if not longer and I had to ask In the end for the kids lunch bags because they were starting to get restless. Now obviously it is the summer holidays and it was busy when we first sat down but it did get quieter just not faster. this wont be a problem if you don’t mind waiting just don’t go in there starving like we did!

overall it was a really good day enjoyed by myself, Georgina and all the kids at Honeybrook farm. A must do trip through the school holidays, Not to expensive, lots to do and fresh air and space to tire the kids out. The kids couldn’t wait to tell daddy all about it when we got home and it was burgers for tea followed by a movie night watching hotel Transylvania 2 and an early night for all!!

heres a few snaps from our day out….


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