Fitness fanatic or fitness phobe

When your a mummy, step mum, girlfriend, work almost full time and are heavily involved in said business, work from home doing lash extensions AND blog not to mention keep on top of the housework like me, When do they expect you to find time to excersise?! Seriously i mean i have to remind myself to breath sometimes let alone go down to the gym or excersise at home. Heres an example of my multi-tasking skills as we speak, i am currently sat writing this blog post, catching up on made in chelsea, trying to persuade my 4 year old to shut his eyes and go to sleep and have a conversation in my group chat with 2 of my girlfriends! I just dont have the time, dont get me wrong i have in the past been into my fitness and healthy eating and i do tend to go through stages of being super good and shedding any pounds i can afford to loose, and then other times i can make ronald mcdonald look well behaved!!
I used to go to the gym in the mornings when i’d dropped connor to preschool , so I would go first thing in the morning on a Monday and Wednesday and i loved it. The only people in there would be older ladies and gentlemen after the fitness classes they’d just attended and people with personal trainers. I had a routine, i worked out for a full hour and i did it 2 mornings a week then i would do a session with my mum on a Friday evening. I think i ended up falling out of this routine when my days incresed at work. I then didnt have the time in the morning to go so i tried to crack down on my healthy eating. Im one of those people who love the gym or love a good class once im there! A couple of things i eat and drink when im on a health kick are as follows…

IMG_6912 I love apple with peanut butter! I think I saw it on twitter a couple of years ago, something Lydia bright from ‘the only way is Essex’ had claimed she ate as a snack during the day. I’ve noticed now that a lot of celebs eat this snack and it is one of my favourites but it does have an acquired taste so it might be one of those love it or hate it bites.

IMG_6913I am very good in the sense that I drink lots of water especially with slices of lemon in or fruit. I had a fruit infuser but left it somewhere when I was out one day so I need to order another one from amazon. I saw this picture on my twitter feed the other night and thought id save it because it had some good ideas! I’m desperate to try the watermelon and rosemary that one is definitely appealing to me.

Now that I exercise less and less because I have so much going on I’m starting to pay more attention to these little videos that I find on my twitter feed (@keleigh_Louise) and Facebook. I follow so many fitness pages on social media and Pinterest and they post healthy eating tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts, quick minute workouts and vlogs that i find are much more realistically done when your on the move constantly and gyming is now a chore. Here’s a couple of exercises I’ve found that are easily done in your living room…




bike crunches
Luke my other half on the other hand has always been a gym enthusiast. It makes me sick how dedicated he is to going after he’s worked all day and manages to go 3 times a week. He does have a real passion for working out and is making it a career move as of September! Hes getting his personal training qualification, doing what he finally wants to do, pathing his way to his ideal career and I really respect him for doing it. Sometimes its easier to stay in a secure job, not always doing what you want to do, earning steady money and staying in a well known routine. But Hes finally had enough and making things happen for himself and I’m really really proud of him. From the day I met him 6 years ago he’s always said fitness and gym is his true calling and what he wants to do. I’m not going to lie though I am almost certain ill take the mick out of him when he’s studying after work in the evenings! #lukegoesbacktoschool! I feel like the pressure is going to be on though when we are putting his business together, I don’t really do well under pressure, having people yell at me or telling me what to do and I’m not sure how Luke and I will work when he starts wanting to train me and make videos etc.! Ill do it all for him obviously because i desperately want him to do well but in all honesty we might end up with more videos of bickering and taking the mick than videos showing off his training ha! Regardless though it’ll work and he will succeed I don’t doubt!


if you enjoyed reading my latest post on fitness and what I think you might like to readaugust is here!



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