Sunny Sunday 14/08/16

I love it when the sun is shining in England! don’t you think our country looks better in the sunshine?? everybody makes an effort and gets they’re best summery dresses and jumpsuits out, gets they’re legs out and pasty white skin and EVERYONE has they’re sunnies on and I love it!! (although I wear my shades all year round I love them that much) not that I can see! Anyway Connor went for a sleepover at my dads over this weekend so he decided to light the BBQ today and well who needs an excuse to attend a BBQ if there’s one going? Last night Luke and I were sat in the garden admiring what the gardener had done that day and we couldn’t work out why he hadn’t cut back our conifer tree. its bloody massive and so overgrown it was taking up half the garden, I decided to take matters into my own hands at 8 0clock in the evening and start chopping away at it with the garden shears. The next thing I know Luke’s sawing the whole thing down and we are running round the garden and the back of the house almost yelling timber whilst trying to stop parts of tree damaging any cars parked round our back fence! honestly give a man a saw and he will concur the world with we are now left with a tree half cut up on my nicely mowed grass and pretty garden all decorated with lights and were not too sure what to bloody do with it now! So going to my dads today was a perfect excuse to not sit in my garden staring at the huge pile that I cant do anything about, I think it’ll be a bonfire job tonight!

My dad loves a good BBQ and he never fails to deliver bloody amazing burgers, these were like gourmet burgers, amazing! Connor was playing in the swimming pool, dad was cooking and Lindsey and I were sat chilling on the garden furniture it was lush. Poor Luke was stuck working the Bournemouth game this afternoon so got home and complained of melting for the whole 90 minutes ha!   I’ve not told him about dads food so that’ll be another kick in the teeth! here’s a few snaps from this afternoon…


For everyone who read my blog post ‘fitness fanatic or fitness phobe’ I wrote about the fruit infused water and gave you a few ideas to try it out yourselves. I filled my big watercooler up today as its so warm outside for the fridge and filled it with watermelon, ice and large sliced orange for a subtle citrus taste. this is such a good idea as I’m diabetic so I cant drink any sugary drinks. So for people sitting in the sun with ice cold tropical juice that’s something I cant drink so this little twist on water is super good and keeps you hydrated through the hot weather!


my pink summer watercooler is from home bargains   and my glass is from next, it comes in a 2 pack with a hello handsome one as well.

If you’ve not yet read my fitness fanatic or fitness phobe post yet you can do so here,Fitness fanatic or fitness phobe

happy reading ox



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