The ballerina bun-Infinity braid

THE BALLERINA BUN- AND THE INFINTY BRAID is this  weeks HOTW (hair of the week)

this style I created  by using 3 hair bands, a bow clip and a doughnut to create the perfect bun shape.

  1. I got Millie to turn her head upside down and I Dutch braided starting from her neck and working half way up her head. I then stopped adding hair to the braid and carried on the braid fastening with a hairband.
  2. I then tied the rest of her hair up fastening in a ponytail with another hairband making sure to leave the plait out of the ponytail.
  3. I then took the doughnut and put her ponytail through it and spreading her hair covering the doughnut.
  4. with another hairband I tied it round the base of the doughnut creating the perfect bun shape and the tucked the remaining hair round the bottom of the bun.
  5. lastly I took the braid and wrapped it round the bun hiding all the loose hairs and fastened with a favourite bow of Millie’s choice!IMG_6926

The infinity braid- this next style I created using only one hairband and a pretty pink bow.

  1. Millie’s hair had been washed so was towel dry. I brushed through thoroughly making sure her hair was knot free.
  2. using 2 fingers I took the top section of hair and split into 2 bits.
  3. I then took a 3rd bit from one side and weaved under and over section 1 and 2.
  4. once over the other side I then added another section of hair to my 3rd section weaving back under and over.
  5. I continued this rhythm all the way down.
  6. fastened with a hairband at the bottom of the neck and added a pretty pink bow.


Millie and I love trying different things with her hair and loves it when I Dutch braid her hair, the style is really popular at the moment as its one of Kim Kardashians favourites! this week the fancy ballerina bun was by far her favourite style as she asked for it more than once. Check out my Instagram page for more hairstyles and latest pics of the kids here.

look out for next weeks HOTW!



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