There’s a mouse in the house!!

So its hump day, work was manic and whilst I was driving home I thought id stop at my mums for a cuppa and a catch-up. Oh boy do I wish id gone straight home tonight, I pulled up and let myself in and 2 seconds behind me my mum follows with my aunty and cousin in tow. Basically my mums cat molly was acting very weird and mum had thought she’d bought her a little gift whilst she had been at work and something was under the sofa. We had presumed it was more than likely a dead field mouse or bird, so off we go lifting up sofas in the lounge and with an almighty scream from all of us a little door mouse scarpered across the carpet!! Mum has 2 large sofas and a side cabinet so we were running round like loons between 3 massive obstacles trying to catch it. (if you’ve never seen field mouse run its because they travel at lightening speed and you probably blinked and missed it!) so after easily half an hour of playing cat and mouse (literally!!) we finally got a bucket over it. we had a master plan that if we slid a magazine under the bucket it would be trapped and we could flip the bucket and then see it properly plus I wanted a picture for this post ha! as I flipped the bucket somehow the mouse flew out, whipped me in the face with its tail, mum and aunty jump onto the sofas and my cousin is having a breakdown all the while all of us screaming until we are blue in the face!



so back to square one, off we went again redoing all the hard work we’d already put in the first time round catching this bloody mouse, but this time we knew something different. flipping the bucket does NOT work, so we wont make that mistake again. after another 20 minutes we finally catch it purely by surprise as it basically ran at me into the bucket and I hadn’t even realised. This time new plan kicked in and my aunty suggested a tray under the bucket so we had a stronger hold on it! we got it! we got it outside and were ready to release it back into the wild, but I still needed a picture! so now my aunty is videoing myself and my cousin grasping onto the bucket for dear life trying to work out how we would get a picture and all of a sudden it jumps out from nowhere and we all run around screaming once again! it has to be one of the funniest hours ever but my mum and I were knackered after! I was helping her hoover and my arms and hands were aching! so that’s my good deed and good karma for today hopefully and a little workout at the same time bonus! watch the video below and see what you make of our disastrous hour trying to rescue or traumatise a field mouse loose in mums house!!


click here to watch the video!

you might also like to read my last blog post sunny sunday enjoy!



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