Millie turns 6!

so this week we celebrated Millie’s 6th birthday! 6!! I cant believe it I honestly cant. Millie turning 6 means Luke and I have been together over 6 years and I just cant get over how its been 6 whole years, Jesus. I feel like we are getting so old now is that wrong to say at 24??

For Millie’s birthday this year I decided to sit her in front of the Argos catalogue and smiths toy shop book and let her pick out all the things she wanted and I wrote her out a birthday list. (this was pretty pointless as it would of been quicker to just put a circle round both catalogues as she wanted EVERYTHING) anyway we managed to get her everything she asked for between Luke and myself and Luke’s mum so we did well!

Millie had already had a birthday party booked by her mum so in the afternoon we decided to do something different and really fun with the kids so she had her own little party with us. I don’t see the point in doing another party at our house as well. So as a birthday treat we took them to Activate trampoline park! all 4 of us had a ball! It was so much fun but completely knackering, for anyone who’s never been or seen it advertised its basically a place filled with trampolines and high walls, and big ledges to jump off into one of those air pillow thingy’s. we all came out sweating and out of breath and so tired but as soon as the kids got in the car they both said how much fun they’d had so I was pleased! it cost us £31 for all 4 of us for an hour play and we got a locker which you pay £5 for and then you get that £5 back once your finished. I thought it was really reasonable and totally worth the money! I wouldn’t recommend any kids under 4 though as I thought Connor was to little to understand some of it so you’d probably struggle with a toddler! here’s some pictures from Activate…..


when we finally got home through the traffic the kids had fallen asleep in the car so we woke them up and asked Millie what she wanted for dinner and she said pizza so we ordered domino’s pizza and everyone collapsed on the sofa! after we finished our birthday dinner I let the kids go out into the garden and Luke lit sparklers for them to play with. we all sat down to watch what the birthday girl chose to watch (littlest pet shop) and I started braiding half of Millie’s hair into cornrows ready for her party in the morning. Overall I think she had a brilliant afternoon and evening with us, she got everything she asked for, she chose what to have for dinner and what we watched on the telly and we all had a blast at the trampoline park. kids were in bed by 10 and conked within 10 minutes. success!!

to watch our video of us at Activate click here!

why don’t you follow the link to see the birthday hair styles I created for Millie on her birthday>>>>.birthday hair!



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