Strawberry picking- 08/2016

What a glorious day Thursday was!? it was lovely and hot (although the kids were melting in the car) air con on high, sunnies on, my cousin who’s also like my sister was with us so we thought lets do something different for the day. we decided to take a trip out to a farm and do some raspberry and blackberry picking, apparently strawberry season is over (who knew) so off we went. I cant tell you how pretty this farm was, there were flowers everywhere and lined the pathing up to the fruit to pick. There was a huge sunflower patch aswell that you can pick your own flowers and take them back to the farm shop to pay for.


I love going to little places like this because I love how fresh it all is, how much space there is for the kids to race around and how quiet yet cute the little farm shop is, you can purchase freshly made cakes, fruit and vegetables and flowers. The kids had so much fun although alot of what Connor picked was inedible but that was ok, I just had to chuck what would give us food poisoning whilst he wasn’t looking! They were racing through the lines of fruit trees and berry bushes loving life and grabbing what they could find, and the excitement of finding a big juicy one! it gave Lisa and I a chance to stroll around getting edible fruit and have a catch up without having to worry the kids would get lost or anything as there was nobody around and we could see all around us. As soon as we were satisfied with our findings we headed back to the shop and stopped at the cute but sparse little park as you come into the farm, the kids played for a while and it gave us a chance to sit in the sun for a little bit watching them play. We had such a nice afternoon and it cost us less than £10 for all 4 of us to do something that took up all afternoon so I was satisfied in that respect. When we left we headed straight to Tesco’s to get some ice-cream so we could have our fruit for pudding later on. Id definitely recommend doing a day out at PICK YOUR OWN, it was so much fun and it always feels good getting out in the sunshine and fresh air, the kids gave this day a huge thumbs up and couldn’t wait to tell daddy all about it when he was home from work! here’s some pictures of our day out, as you know I’m a camera addict and am always snapping away…….

if you enjoyed reading all about our day out at the fruit farm click the link to head over to There’s a mouse in the house!! post which you may also like reading! be sure to give us a follow over on my home page.




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