A Bank holiday BBQ!

I love to host garden parties and gatherings at our house! Friday afternoon was super hot! so I decided we’d light the bbq in the garden and invite Luke’s brother Aaron over with his girlfriend and her little boy Archie. I picked millie up in the morning as we had sent her home Wednesday night because she had a sickness bug, so when she was feeling better on Friday morning Connor and I went and picked her up from her mums house and we went out to pick up some garden things and a new fire pit. when we got home the kids raced upstairs to put on there swim shorts and bikini and kept on and on about setting up the sprinkler turtle. (look out for this in my top 5 hot buys of august coming next week! you can read July’s here My top 5 hot buys of July! ) we set the pool up and the turtle and it gave me an hour to sit and bake in the sun for a while!


We’d been to Tesco’s to pick up some food for the Barbie and I decided to make home-made coleslaw, make king prawn and pineapple skewers and buy a big watermelon to cut up for the kids.  Connor has always been a super fussy eater since he was about 2, I’m not entirely sure what happened but he literally woke up one day and decided he wasn’t going to like anything anymore! the last 6 months myself and Luke have been really trying to get him to try new things again and he’s finally started eating burgers and hotdogs. so now when we say shall we have BBQ for tea today I get a yes! from both kids rather than just one.

The kids had a great afternoon playing in the pool and running round screaming and laughing, Luke always does a good BBQ and we made enough food to feed the 5000 as always. the left over watermelon went into my water dispenser in the fridge so my cold water has a watermelon kick to it, and it took a whole afternoon but the fire pit was put together successfully and when we were child free that evening we sat round the fire having a well deserved drink!


our fire pit is available from Argos at only £19.99! Head over to Hair Up! to check out my hair of the week styles and some hairspiration!



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