Hair Up!

this week I have a few HOTW styles that I’m going to list. I’ve very recently been asked to do 2 wedding hair ups for the bridesmaids, one in may and one in august so I’ve been keeping an eye out for styles that I like and challenging myself to some tricky styles to keep myself in practise! here are my favourites that I’ve created in the last week or so.


a quick hair up with some sparkly decoration- this is 2 dutch braids and a fishtail braid put together to make a pretty hair up style and flower bun. I sectioned the hair into 3 with the middle section being the biggest. I tied the hair into a pony tail and braided into a fishtail plait, I then dutch braided the 2 top sections and pulled out as I saw necessary to create chunky braids, I then wrapped round the middle braid to create a flower and placed the dutch braids around pulling out as I went and gripping into place. My word of advise when gripping is try to use as little as possible, I don’t think theres anything worse than a cute hairstyle ruined by grips poking out all over the place! I added some sparkly flowers for decoration to make it a bit more special and voilà a sophisticated up do fit for a wedding or special occasion!


The bow braid- This style is by far my favourite! its taken me a few attempts to perfect, but once I got the style down I find it super easy. Section the hair into 2, French braid the second half all the way down going slightly diagonal, then with the first half start threading through each top loop of the braid!


Chunky Mohawk braids- Now everyone knows I’m a number 1 fan of the Dutch braids or as I like to call them the KIM K braids! the Kardashians rock this hairstyle, Khloe and Kim being the main culprits. This really can be worn wherever, for example the gym, day to day or dress it up for an occasion as a fancy hairstyle! I’m always doing KIM K braids on my step daughter, she also rocks them and loves when I do a little twist on them for her so they are a bit different! 10/10 from me!!


kim khloe



khloe and penelope

one day ill get some hair extensions and braid them into Millie’s hair so she’s got really long mermaid braids! Penelope is owning the mermaid braids here!



  1. I Love all the hair styles that you’ve done so far but I think the one where you’ve pulled them out like bows is absolutely beautiful so classy.

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