Summer 2016

so this is the last week of the summer holidays and only 4 days left until Connor starts his first day of school!! my baby boy, my tiny premature baby boy is about to start this massive milestone and journey for the next 11 years of school! I want to know how other parents are feeling?? because I’m actually feeling a bit sick when I think about it. I know Connor is going to be ok because Hes so sociable and Hes very ready for school now, but I’m worried about me! I’ve never been an early bird, ever since I left school myself I’ve always struggled with early mornings and when I went back to work when Connor was 2 I only ever needed to worry about getting myself to work on time. Preschool often had a knock on the door because Connor was late in but obviously  it never mattered but now its a whole different kettle of fish! my mum used to always threaten to drag me to school in my pjs if I didn’t get my arse in gear and get sorted and even though I was 99% sure she wouldn’t actually do it I couldn’t count on that with 1% against me! so id jump up at the last second and be sorted to walk out the door on time (although I was still always late to school!). I’m so busy with work and the kids and at home I don’t want to be the mum who races round and is late for everything so I need to work on slowing myself down but I think that will come with the new school routine. Connor is my first baby and I’m sure it gets easier when you have more children but because Hes my first I’m starting to panic with what we’ve got ready, what we still need to get (ties!!! stupid ordering online), what I need to sign and return to school and ordering lunches ready for his second week. I am usually quite organised and I’m so good with money and dates in the diary etc. but I am not going to lie, I’m feeling unorganised! when Connor left preschool it was the same week that the 20% off school wear was on at marks and spencer so we got his shirts, polo shirts, trousers and school shoes all in one day! I had to order his jumpers and ties as there is only one uniform shop that stocks it so I’ve got his jumpers and now we are just waiting on the ties! now putting my worries and nervousness aside, a couple of things I’m so excited for from Connors first day of school is the first picture in his uniform, Hes going to look so cute! also the story, I cant wait to sit down with him so he can tell Luke and I all about it! I’m so glad Luke’s coming with me as there’s a huge possibility I may cry! and lastly the new friends Hes going to make! I’m so excited for Connor to have a group of friends that he talks about all the time and fills me in on and when he forms a best friendship. we all remember our main groups of friends at primary and secondary school and I’m lucky enough to still be best friends with my first friend at primary! 20 whole years and we are the strongest ever. We literally know everything about each other and she’s the first person I call with whatever problem I’m having or exciting news to tell! I love her like a sister and I hope Connor finds a friend the same!


in this picture Connor was maybe 1-2 weeks old, still in the neonatal unit at Poole hospital. He was 9 weeks early and so so tiny, the first 3 days of his life were so critical and the longest for me because we couldn’t hold him until the 4th day when we knew he was stable enough. I think this is why I’m so protective and always will be because he went through so much in the first few weeks of his little life. he’s my miracle boy!


this was the first time Millie ever held her brother! not long after this we were able to take him home from the hospital, this has always been one of my favourite pictures of the kids because you can tell by Millie’s face how proud and excited she is to be holding him and they’ve been thick as thieves ever since! I cant believe she’s off into year 2, she’s grown so much in the last year and really come into her own. She’s such a confident little thing and people always comment on how quiet she is but give it half an hour and she’s dancing and singing and playing her little show games with Connor in front of anyone willing to watch!


this last picture shows just how much love these kids have for each other. I hope it never changes because they are so close in age I feel like growing up they will go through things together and be there for each other. I cant believe these 6 weeks holiday have gone by so quick, we’ve done lots of fun things, spent time together as a family and had a nice little set up going and it makes me so happy that Millie and Connor have been able to spend alot of time together through the summer, I’m sad that its all nearly over!

But as they say onto the next chapter, they’re both excited to be going back to school and this year they are going to do great as always!! little trip down memory lane in the process of writing this post, I cant believe how quick time is going! I need to find a watch that stops it all just for a moment every now and again.


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