A bubble braid and a rope twist!

This hair post is all about the bubble braid and rope twist! love both these styles and are so super easy to do on your kids hair!



how cute is this style ladies?! now I am a hairdresser by trade so I do find doing hair styles, hair ups, curling and braiding super easy BUT this hairstyle anyone can do and the best bit? it takes all of about 1 minute 30 seconds! all you do is section the hair off and tie an elastic adding the previous pony tail into the new section. once you get to the last tie at the neck stop for a moment and go back pulling at each section creating ‘the bubble effect’ then pull as you go down the free ponytail as it will get tighter to pull. enjoy recreating!!



my next style is the simple yet very pretty rope braid! it looks a little bit more complicated but still doable for any mum. section off the top and split into 2, twist each section about 3 inches down and the start adding to you sections remembering to twist as you do to keep the ‘rope’ look. this is one to give a few attempts because it is fiddly but an excellent result once you have it down. my advise for this is once you get to the bottom of the neck carry on twisting both sections right the way down and the turn them round together, this prevents the braid untwisting and becoming loose once you’ve fastened with a hairband.

the bubble braid is myself and Millie’s HOTW this week as its just too easy to pass up! and who doesn’t want to rock a fauxhawk! to keep up to date with my latest hair blog posts and how to’s sign up to get notified of new posts and follow me on social media listed below!

happy practising! ox

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