My top 5 hot buys of August! 2016

so I feel like august just flew by!! we literally blinked and it was September right?! Here are my top 5 best buys of august that I found.

  1. jumpsuit- (h&m sale £7 subject to availability)

this was for me, a gold find! I was so chuffed because I’m not short I’m 5’7 so jumpsuits and maxi dresses I sometimes spend a fortune on for the tall range. this jumpsuit is long, super pretty and so comfy and I love it! looking forward to dressing it up for an occasion!

2. kids jumpsuit- (also from h&m kids- sale £5 subject to availability)


I love love love this and so does millie! another great find in the h&m kids summer sale, and a cute little outfit to take on holiday with us to wear in the evenings super cute! she wore this today and had to compliments on it.

3. lumee led phone case (amazon-£39.99)

lumee case

so I recently  bought the lumee phone case, it is a bit pricey but I got it on an amazon promo day about 2 months ago (I completely forgot to put it in julys hot buys) so I actually only paid £20 for it. its brilliant obviously for selfies especially when your out with your girlfriends in a club taking drunk selfies but I will warn you its blindingly bright ha! you also charge the case separately and it flashes to let you know its running low, I’m guessing that’s why mine flashes at me every so often. (I never read instructions).

4. my new fruit infuser water bottle (found at aldi for £3.49!)


I referred to my old fruit infuser in my post Fitness fanatic or fitness phobe and I lost it one day when I was out so I’ve been on the look out for one ever since. the last one I had was from amazon and then I was in Aldi the other day picking up some fruit and veg and having a little browse and stumbled across some infuser bottles and they were so cheap! I was so happy to have another one because I drink so much water and love them!

5. chad valley splash and spray turtle! (argos on offer £1.49 usual price £4.39)


my kids loved setting this up and playing in and out of it in the garden! I originally saw this offer on Facebook and decided to reserve one for the kids as it was so cheap at only £1.49 if it turned out to be a bit rubbish then it wouldn’t matter but the kids love it!!

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