Floating interlocked braids– crisscross Dutch braids!

So this weeks HOTW has a tricky and fiddly style that I’ve created and a super easy one!

The floating interlocked braids



This style is so pretty but super fiddly. Millie loved this one and it actually lasted all day I think because the small plaits are so tight. This is all created from only 2 small ponytails positioned on one side of the head, I moved Millie’s parting to one side so her hair was a little thicker as she’s got very fine hair. In each ponytail I created 3 plaits each and then started placing bands down the plaits pulling out as I went like the bubble braid method. On the second ponytail I did the same but remember to interlock them with one braid. If you struggle with this one I’m sure there is a YouTube video out there to watch.

Crisscross Dutch braids!


I say it over and over again but I love a good, neat and tidy Dutch braid! I love the Mohawk braids and have a few people asking me to do the Dutch Mohawks on them at work and at home, so I decided to play around and try crisscrossing and this happened! Really easy if you can neatly Dutch braid, section your hair into 4, the 2 top sections being slightly smaller. Then diagonally clip up 2 sections out the way so your able to create a diagonal braid. Then you going to start with the second braid and once you get to the crossing just freely plait untill your over it and back to the last section with hair to start adding again! This took me about 3 minutes in total if that. Neat and tidy, a bit different and all of Millie’s hair out her face which she prefers most of the time!

Happy braiding


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