Hello September! 2016

We are the first week down in September and I feel like I’ve done more in a week than I have in a month! its been ridiculously hectic with the kids going back to school, Connor starting reception, half days and slowly starting to get ourselves together ready for our holiday in 3 weeks!

lets start with the first day of school! I wrote a bit about how I was feeling with connor starting school in my blog post last week countdown!! but now we are almost over our first week I’m feeling very confident. Can someone please reassure me that ill get used to these early mornings?! Connors first day at primary school is a bit of a rushing around, hectic, emotional blur. Ive never had to worry about connor coping without me, from when he was very little hes always been very confident on his own and being with my parents or nursery and he didn’t disappoint. that morning connor must of heard my alarm going off because as I dragged myself out of bed and into his room he was already awake, sat in his bed waving his arms and fingers about in a little dance and sang to me ‘its schoooool tiiimeee’! I was so annoyed with myself that I hadn’t planned to video waking him up for his first day because that little move and sing song would of been video gold. he raced around like a loon scoffing down his breakfast so he could get his uniform on, I got myself sorted all the while luke carried on with his beauty sleep! its so annoying how guys can get up and sorted right at the last minute, no make up and hair worries for them! once we were all ready out came the camera for first day piccys (my favourite thing to do) before we headed out the door to drop him off!


all in all it was a good morning, we took him in and showed him his peg, took him into class and sat him at a table and stood to the side for a minute to watch. alot of parents were comforting their teary kids and we just stood there while Connor happily sorted himself out and talked to a couple of other kids! I aimlessly waved for a few minutes (I’m not even sure if I was waving at him!) and then we left. for Connor’s first day he was only there for 3 hours so I was back to pick him up at 12, but for those few hours I was a little bit lost. id taken a couple of days off work this week so I was at home if he needed me and It was great having some time to kill!

when it was time to pick him up both my mum and my step mum wanted to come to see him which for me was a bit eeek when they both asked at different times, when id made the comment to my mum she was happy to go as the 3 of us. Lindsey has always helped me with Connor and she did the pick ups from nursery whilst I worked and will be picking Connor up from school on a Monday for me while I’m there all day soon so for me it was so much easier to do it all together and then I didn’t feel guilty or bad for anyone! in 12 years this is the first time its been the 3 of us can you believe, we’ve all been together at birthdays etc. so I knew it wouldn’t be awkward but it was still a little daunting. It ended up being the best half hour ever! I hope I can make Millie feel as comfortable when she’s older like my mum and my step mum do for me and Connor! his face was a picture when he came out of school to find mummy and both nana’s waiting for him.


this morning was the first morning getting both kids to school on time and it was a success. its actually quite nice being sorted so early in the morning as I get so much done! today id managed to get both kids in on time, stop at Tesco’s to get milk, drop a big black bag of clothes to the charity shop and do 2 loads of washing all before 10.30am! overall its been a week of successes!

this month the official holiday countdown has started, currently we are at 3 weeks and 3 days and I’m getting so excited now! we had a mini break in April this year to centerparcs which you can read all about here Our break to centerparcs but we didn’t go abroad last year because we decided to do Devon and then centerparcs so I think I’m due some foreign sun!  also this month my hours change at work, I was doing almost full time again at the salon but with that, lashing in the evening, writing this blog and looking after the kids id decided id taken a bit to much on so they are reducing slightly which I’m looking forward too! now Connors at school all week I’m excited to be lashing on my full days off rather than sticking to evenings, I’ve had a few clients already book in through a couple of days so hopefully that will change around soon as well.

I think I’m ready for England to give up the sun as well now for this year. I promise I am a sun worshiper honestly but I’ve found the last week or so of iffy muggy weather unbearable, I was in work on Wednesday and that morning it looked horrid outside so I put on a thin jumper and jeans. by lunchtime I honestly thought I was going to have to phone my boss panting down the phone because id melted all over the floor! it just cant seem to make up its mind can it! bring on the leafy fall weather with walks, early nights, warmer clothes, cute outfits and hearty dinners! but not before I’ve come out of holiday mode!

I hope September is a cracker month for you all,





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