A couple of my favourite dishes! 

So I’m not a religious healthy food follower and gym bunny, but I do love to cook. The only thing is I struggle for time to make a lot of dishes from scratch, so I decided to log what I’ve made today throughout the day just to give you an idea of what I like to eat. I’m a naughty one and very rarely have breakfast but I do love to make a smoothie in the morning which is usually a combo of anything green in my fridge, kale, cucumber, spinach, apples, blueberries, flax seeds, mango, strawberries and rasberries, coconut water or 0% Greek yoghurt and always a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime. Obviously I don’t do all of these together I usually bunch them up and do 2 seperate juices. If I am working then I make the smoothie the night before and put it in the fridge, but if I’m not then I’ll just make it after the school run!

I’ve recently bought Fearne Cotton’s cook book cook happy, cook healthy and I’ve got out my post it note pad and flagged lots of different recipes to try so ill do a post which is all about the book and I’ll write down the recipes I enjoy most.

anyway this morning I had a green smoothie for brekkie because I had so much to do and I already new what I was having for lunch so I didn’t need a heavy breakfast.

for lunch I made some scrambled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper, a slice of wholemeal toast and some ready to eat smoked salmon slices which id picked up in tescos. this little dish is one of my favourites and super quick to throw together, I think it took about 4 minutes to make.


for dinner tonight I decided to make a chicken korma for us all. I put it on at about 2 this afternoon in the slow cooker, chucked it all in and put it on high for 3 hours. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve notice doing dishes like this in the slow cooker can make the sauces really runny by the time its cooked and I think its from the meat juices, but what I find works is just stirring in a spoonful of flour and it does the trick and thickens it all up. I got some mini naans which the kids love to dip in their dinners and served up just in time for the kids to start moaning  that they are hungry. I swear by my slow cooker its so good for mums on the go, when I’m working and I want to make a Bolognese or curry or anything like that I put it all in the cooker before work on low for 6 hours and then when one of us is home its ready to start dishing up. if the times up before I’m home it keeps the food on warm as well which is ideal.


for desert I decided to make some fruit pastry parcels! I love these they are so easy to make and just a bit different for the kids. they are only little but I made a bigger one for Luke ha! all it takes is ready rolled puff pastry frozen or fresh, cut to the shape you want, I then add some strawberries and tinned mango and chopped apple and spoon some in the middle. brush it down with egg yolk and fold over into a little parcel, cook on gas mark 6 for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. serve with some ice cream or whipped cream and its a lovely little desert made in just 15 minutes all in.


I’m not against the easy peasy meal for the kids of throwing in the oven some chicken nuggets and chips or veg every now and again, I don’t always have time to cook a hearty meal and I do turn to the freezer, BUT I have found a recipe to make my own chicken nuggets so I know there’s no processed crap going into them and I’m going to give it a go tomorrow as I no the kids will be happy with that! so ill let you know how they turn out! I love trying new things like this as I do find cooking and experimenting with what tastes nice and what the kids will try interesting. only a couple of weeks ago I made myself and Luke some salmon with some veg and potatoes and I asked Millie if she would like the same, she was a bit hesitant but gave it a go and cleared her plate! I have always been a really good person for trying anything and I love fish and sushi so I might give it a go and make some sushi too! you can read my last post Fitness fanatic or fitness phobe here and see my tips on fruit infusing water also!



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