Corset braided bun- lace braided bun! 

I’m a bit late on sharing my hair of the week as these hair styles are actually from last week! But nevertheless here they are and they are surrounding the ballerina bun! Millie is really vibing these hairstyles at the moment and rocks them as usual! 

Corset braided bun!

Quite fiddly but easy enough to follow! 2 Dutch braids from the neck up to the middle of her head, continued freely high enough to go into a high pony tail and then unravel any plait left in pony. Now attach the doughnut and spread the pony tail round covering nicely, fasten with a hairband and wrap excess hair under the ballerina bun. Next grab your ribbon and start to thread on each inner section on the plait remembering to cross over to create the corset pattern, tie in a bow or fasten and then add a pretty big bow to hide the ends of the ribbon! So cute! 💕

Lace braided bun!

Cute and quick! Create your bun with your doughnut as mentioned in the corset bun but instead of fastening the hair over the doughnut with a hair band just plait along the bottom of the bun only adding in hair on the side the hair is available! This took my less than 5 minutes to do!! 

Happy braiding! Ox 

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