6 essentials for Mallorca! 

So it’s 1 week left to go before I shout very loudly from the airport SEEYA!! I can’t even tell you how much I need this holiday for my sanity and to fully recharge as its been a manic, emotional 2 weeks and a constant headache! So bring on the bloody sun!!

Getting the case out and buying all the wash bag stuff got me thinking what my top 6 things would be in my case that I couldn’t live without! So I’ve listed below incase any of you are off on your hollipops and need a bit of encouragement to pack those cases!❤️✈️

  1. Sun cream- I know if your a parent you’ve already got about 50 half full tubes of suncream in the cupboard like me at home but I like to range my factors from as low as 6 to 25/30 on the first couple of days. I love the Malibu range for myself because I prefer the oil types and it smells lovely  but for Connor, home bargains do a great own make which is 50+ waterproof and available in sprays and creams.
  2. Mosquito spray and bands- i don’t really suffer from bites that much but I know now I’ve said this I’ll probably get bitten to death so I like to be prepared. I ordered some cute coloured bracelets off Amazon that are supposed to keep the mosquitoes at bay and I have a trusty can of spray too!
  3. My tigi catwalk salt spray!- I’ve actually reviewed this product in my post My top 5 hot buys of July which you can check out to read all about this product and why I love it so much, short or long hair! (As I’m always changing my hair length) but it’ll be coming away with me as I’ll wear my hair curly messy a lot whilst I’m abroad.
  4. Curling wand and straighteners- I couldn’t live without either of these hair tools! I’ve recently taken my extensions out ready to go away as I wanted to give my hair a little break from the LA weave. So I’ve had my hair cut a little longer than shoulder length which is slightly shorter at the back, this haircut is being sported by Danielle Armstrong from towie, Malin Andersson from love island and Kim Kardashian has modelled it too in the recent weeks! I am loving it, i curled it for a girls night out and loved it even more! My hair doesn’t do well in humidity so this is ideal for me because it’ll be curly most days  using my salt spray aswell so the trusty wand and GHDs will be a must pack and will probably be in my hand luggage!! Give it a couple of weeks and I’ll have luscious long locks again 😂 I never make it that long before I miss my mermaid hair!
  5. Bourjois paris 123 perfect CC cream- my CC cream from bourjois! It’s anti-fatigue, anti-redness and anti-dark spots. It has enough coverage like foundation but it’s light and moisturises with an SPF15 and 24hr hydration. It’s another brilliant find for me and I will do a review on it for my September best buys coming next week! It’s a holiday must have for looking sun ready and not like you’ve just rolled from your bed to the pool!
  6. A good book!- This is the first holiday we will be going on that Connor is old enough to get himself in and out the pool and doesn’t need one of us in there constantly so this year I’m taking a bloody good book! And I’ll be reading it from start to finish within the week, it’s called me before you- by Jojo Moyes. I’m a bit of a book worm and love a good sequel so will let you all know what I thought!

This week I’m packing all the holiday and summer clothes and outfits I’ve been picking up since June, the stuff that won’t even make it out of the case knowing me and any other crap I find that I’ll think we can’t live without ha! On the Monday morning I’ll pack our hand luggage and Connors rucksack and lay out anything that needs to be kept out for the hotel before heading to the airport. I still have so much to do that I think my heart rates increased just thinking about it! Check-in, printing the boarding passes and hotel accommodations and transfers will be on my list to do Tuesday! FYI I have lists all over my house at the moment reminding me of another thing that randomly pops into my head! I hope this week flys by- I just need to make it onto that plane and the rest will follow!! 🙌🏼

Wish me luck……


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