Strawberry Cinnamon Cooler!

So as I’ve mentioned before I can’t have full sugar drinks, everything is sugar free for me and I get sick of water and Diet Coke! I do love my Fruit infused water, and I love throwing some things together to see what’s good and what doesn’t work! Well I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and saw this summer drink which looked amazing so I decided to save and try when I had the time. It literally took me 2 minutes to throw together and the ingredients are here-

  1. 1 litre of cold water
  2. A bowl of chopped strawberries
  3. Half a tablespoon of cinnamon
  4. Half a lime freshly squeezed
  5. Ice cubes to blend and a couple to chuck in your glass when it’s done!

Throw it all together in a blender, give it a quick blast and it’s done! No sweatener and only natural sugar from the fruit you’ve used and a lovely refreshing summer drink!

Enjoy! Ox

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