French and lace braided style- And an elastic pattern! 

Ok so this week for my HOTW I’ve got 2 great styles to show you. The first one being a half up half down style, which is a French braid and has a Dutch lace braid wrap around to give it a little twist! Looks cool and have seen lots of great braiders doing this style! So here’s mine… 

 I split the hair into a half up half down style first, and tied the hair I left down up. Secondly I parted the top half of the hair into 3. Part 1 is for the French braid, part 2 I sectioned from one side of her head to the other for the lace braid and part 3 are a section near each ear that I’m going to bring up after the braids and wrap around the finished ponytail. When your lace braiding remember to only add into the sections near the forehead, this means you can get the plait as close to the French braid as possible! With the last 2 sections by her ears I brought each one up and wrapped around her ponytail and secured with only 2 grips. As long as you get this hairstyle tight you should be able to use the minimal amount of grips. There’s nothing worse than ruining a cool look by sticking grips everywhere!  This is a really fun, pretty style that keeps all the hair out of her face but still has hair down for a softer look! Love this one ❤️ 

 Ok this style I loved and it was so quick and easy! I split the hair into 3 sections in the middle of her head, I pinned all the loose hair up out the way and started with the second section. I Dutch braided until about half way back and secured with an elastic, section 1 and 3 I then split into 3 and tied into elastics each side making sure they’re symmetrical. I then twisted each mini ponytail and joined together with the diagonally opposite ponytail and secured with another elastic. I carried this on until I came to the Dutch braid ponytail and secured all 3. Find a pretty hairband or bow and attach at the bottom to hide the final bands! So easy and looks pretty cool! 💚
Happy braiding Ox 

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