Hair up! 

This weeks HOTW I’ve got 2 hair up styles using the brilliant hair doughnuts today! 

I did this style for my step mum because she was going out to the theatre and wanted something a little fancier. So I sectioned her hair from ear to ear and tied the front section out the way. With the second big section I tied it as high as I could and put the doughnut on her ponytail and wrapped the hair around it to create the perfect bun. I then started pulling the hair to make the bun a little messier rather than completely neat. With my first section I split into 2 and started to lace braid each section starting in opposite directions and pulling the hair out as I went. I carried on braiding freely to then wrap around the bun and tuck all the loose flyaways away. 

 This style is super easy. I braided from the opposite side at the top of her head and worked my way down to her opposite ear. Once I got there I started to go into an S shape and then freely braided down to wrap around the bun later. I tied the loose hair up into a low ponytail placed my doughnut through the ponytail and spread the hair tying a hairband round to secure. Once I was happy with the bun I then took the plait and placed round the bun creating a snake like plait. 
Both great and relatively easy hair ups here, for occasions or something fancy or to just do something different than the regular pony! ❤️ 

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