Mallorca 2016

I’ve made no secret how much I couldn’t wait to get on the plane and come to Mallorca! Now as I sit and write this we are on our last day and come home to cold, bleak England tomorrow! I always think it’s funny that I’ve never thought about leaving my home town ever, but when you’re on your holidays abroad all of a sudden you’d happily never come home! Pitch up a tent outside your hotel and live out the suitcase you came with for the rest of your days. Unfortunately reality calls and it’ll come with a thud tomorrow. We’ve been lucky with the weather this year, I think it’s a risk now any time of year you decide to go away but October is obviously when it gets colder and the weather reports on my phone in the weeks leading to our break were less than helpful! We’ve only had 2 cloudy days (one being today hence why I’m writing) and 1 thunderstorm 2 nights in. When I was younger my parents took me away every year and I used to worry about how big the pool is, is there a water park and when is the market on so I can come home with lots of replica tat! Now I’m an adult I’ve realised I pay more attention to how beautiful the places we are in are. Mallorca really is a gorgeous place, the little towns and beautiful beaches and sea. Our hotel is right on the cliffs and we’ve got a beautiful little cove and ocean for miles as our view. 

With my mum helping with Connor it’s given me the chance to really sit and just relax, something I’ve realised I never do now because I’m so busy at home daily. I’ve managed to plow through 2 books, (look out for them in my best buys) keep on top of my tan, always have an alcoholic drink in my hand and catch up on well needed sleep. Let’s be honest your supposed to step off the plane and immediately get drunk and stay drunk for the duration of the holiday aren’t you?!?! 

I’ve had a few issues with teletext holidays who I booked ours with, they’ve been so unhelpful with circumstances that were out of my control and I’ve realised companies like that don’t care they just want any money they can squeeze out of you. Ryan air on the other hand were brilliant and nothing was too much trouble with our flights and name changing etc. The hotel we’ve been staying at out here has been lovely, the staff are so helpful and other than an entertainment hiccup the first couple of nights I have nothing negative to say. 

I’m a real foodie and am often having to keep my inner fat girl in. (Poor thing she never gets to unleash ha!) anyway I was pleasantly surprised at our hotel food, usually when your all inclusive you get the same shit in every hotel buffet but our restaurant food is amazing! Such a variety and loads of veg, meat and fish and still the usual chicken and chips or fish fingers that Connor could help himself too. Every afternoon I’ve been going in and making Connor tuna pasta myself just so he’s having something different than dinner time. 

Because our hotel is on the cliffs our pool area is bloody amazing. There’s a glass wall that keeps us all from falling off the edge but the views are incredible and so peaceful, the odd glass bottom boat goes by and the kids all run to wave at it. We are a complex of 3 hotels in a sort of circle, 1 hotel being out of action and closed completely for refurbishment so it’s just ours and next door. All 3 hotels have they’re own pool area (ours being the best by a mile) but everyone can walk between and use whichever they like. Kids club looked amazing but Connor only managed an hour on the 4th day after a lot of persuading, and then was brought back because he missed us 😂. That’s another thing about going in October, less kids to deal with! Sounds awful but I know your all reading and agreeing! They’ve all gone back to school now so any kids that are here range from babies to no more than 5 or 6! And there’s only a handful of them! 

I’m really sad to be going home tomorrow, weeks drag at home but then when your on holiday it’s like you get off the plane, blink, and then get back on the plane to head home. It goes so quick but it’s given me a bit of determination to not leave it so long between holidays. We went to alcudia 2 years ago, and although we’ve had a few breaks away in England in between it’s not like leaving the country for a week of peace and different surroundings. We’ve all had such a great time and laughed loads, Connor has loved the freedom of getting in and out the pool, Sitting on a sunbed reading a book and trying to catch a tan has been lovely. And if I didn’t have my cats at home waiting for me I’d be tempted to put Connor to work as one of the maids and I’d try and blend in with the reps to stay longer. 

Here’s a few holiday snaps as you all know how much I love my camera 😏…. 

 I suppose the next big thing to come now is Christmas! Can you believe I’ve just said that?! Christmas for Christ sake. The thought of Christmas shopping leaves me with a sick feeling and a headache already but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!😉 

Overall I’ve had the most relaxing holiday with the help of my mum being greatly appreciated, I’d love to go back to our hotel when it’s been refurbished just to see what changes they’ve made! 



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