My top 5 hot buys of September! 2016

Septembers issue of my top 5 is slightly late because of our holiday. So it’s mostly holiday stuff I’m afraid! Here goes… 

  1. Katie price Reborn- (£10 Sainsbury’s) ive always been a huge fan of the pricey so I’m always first in line to buy her latest autobiography. this time I decided to wait to buy it just before I went away so it was a holiday read, I knew if I bought it sooner it would be read before I made it onto the plane! Anyway it doesn’t disappoint! Bloody brilliant as always and in true Katie price style it’s written completely how you’d imagine her telling you. Quite brutal and at times really quite sad. 100% worth the read!! 
  2. Garnier ultimate blends the strength restorer balm(£5.99 boots) as I’ve mentioned before I don’t pretend I have long luscious thick hair, I am usually sporting a weave or la weave extensions. They can dry out after a lot of washes and styling so this hair mask is brilliant for restoring and replenishing hair, (yours or otherwise!) definitely a bathroom must have girls!! I always wack it on for an hour or so when I’m onatural and giving my hair a break. 
  3. Me before you by jojo moyes(amazon £3.85) i took 2 books away with me on holiday and steamed through both of them! Me before you is a must read, really moving story that doesn’t have the usual fairy tail ending! Definitely would recommend this book its a bit of a tear jerker and you get the first chapter of the second book in the back of this one. I now have the second book on its way!! 
  4. Sainsbury’s big toy event!– now I know I don’t have a certain product to show you guys but I went down to the Sainsbury’s toy sale this morning and it was carnage! But I have picked up some brilliant buys for the kids for Christmas!! Everything is half price and a lot of the bigger toys are really good value for money!! Spent a fortune but would have been double the price on a regular day so win win for me!! Get down there this week if you have a spare minute. (Or longer as it took me 20 mins to park!!) 
  5. Off the shoulder swing dress (new look £17.99) I got this gorgeous dress probably about 2 months ago and the first time I wore it was last week on holiday!! I love love love it! So flattering and I dressed it down with pretty flip flops and my trusty black choker but you could 100% dress this up for a night out with some strappy nude heels and glam hair and makeup! I will be dressing it up on the next girls night out! Definitely a Best Buy of mine and a wardrobe must have. 

Take a look at my augusts best buys here- Top 5 best buys of august


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