Tuxedo braid and a 3D braided ponytail! 

This week I tried the tuxedo braid and a 3D plait as well and I loved both! 

  1. The tuxedo braid-
  • Section the hair into 3, the middle section being the biggest. 
  • Dutch braid the middle section right the way down and tie with elastic at the bottom. 
  • With sections either side bring them into the middle and French braid over the Dutch braid with the loose hair. 
  • Fasten both at the bottom and add a bow or fancy hairband for decoration! 

Super easy and looks so lovely bringing all the hair out of the face and tied back! Definitely recommend this one 😍❤️ 

The 3D braided ponytail- 

  • Start as if you were just going to do a simple 3 strand plait.
  • As you start to cross over 1 split it in half so 2 goes through 1 and 1 is split in front and behind 2. 
  • Do the same with 3 and carry on all the way down! 
  • Add a couple of bows at the top and bottom to jazz it up a bit and bam 💥 done ! 

This one is super quick and easy when you’ve given it a go a couple of times!! A little twist on a plain old plait and it took less than 5 minutes! 

If you liked looking at my hotw this week take a look at last weeks here➡️ 2 halfup styles!


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