Pipity activity case review! 

A lovely lady named Kate was kind enough to send me her product to review, she’s the mastermind behind the brilliant Pipity Activity Case!

Because we were going on holiday for a week I decided to keep hold of it and take it with us to see if it would keep Connor occupied, gosh it ended up being a lifesaver at times and Connor loved it because it contained kids scissors and a sharpener that he could fiddle away with. Kate very kindly sent along with the case some amazing activity books a couple relating to Christmas which are going to come in very handy. My 3 top reasons why every creative child needs one of these cases are as follows…

  1. all the things you have chucked in your kids activity box at home I.e. Pencils, scissors, paper, sharpeners, and so many colouring books are all included in this handy little pack! You get a set of coloured pencils a pair of scissors a couple of activity booklets a ruler, a sharpener and a pritt-stick!
  2. Hours of creative fun all from a neatly put together case. It’s brilliant and Connor loved whipping it out by the pool or on the plane and cutting away at some paper and gluing it all down.
  3. Lastly it’s not massive, it’s a reasonable size and fastens all together with a handle to hold or a strap to wear it. Connor strutted round a restaurant wearing his!

I was a bit sceptical because Connor is only 4, that maybe it would be a bit grown up for him and he’s not always interested in colouring in. But I soon realised he was perfectly capable with using all these things and really enjoyed making me little pictures with random things glued down. It’s actually encouraged him more to draw and colour because he’s been desperate to use the scissors and glue.

This is a perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday for any child in my opinion! Gets the kids actually doing something, making something and using their imagination which I think can so easily be forgotten nowadays with young children. It’s so cute and stylish and I would recommend for Christmas definitely as it’s creeping up on us so quickly! The Pipity Activity Case gets 10/10 from me! 

Thanks so much Kate for sending this to me for Connor, and for making plane journeys and dinners out on holiday that little bit easier!! It’s excellent!

If you’d like to look this product up you can head over to the website Www.pipity.com

Or find Kate on social media here..

Thanks Kate! Your cases are brilliant!

For the purpose of this review we were sent the products above. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own. 

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