Our Halloween 2016! 

We or rather I decided to throw a Halloween party this year! All my friends have kids or are having kids now and it makes sense to start doing these little parties for our children. I thought I’d take one for the team and host the first! So take note friends it’s one of your turns next year!!😂 over the last couple of weeks I’ve been on the hunt collecting a huge bag full of decorations whenever I went out shopping. My go to places this year were Home bargains– Poundland and The range. Each store had a great Halloween isle and sweet treats section! We got lots of spooky ghosts to hang from the ceiling and outside decorations and tape to tape up the house! 

I didn’t realise quite how much prep had to go into prepping for the party so by 4 o’clock I was still running round making my costume and doing the last bits to the food and house! The netted skirt I wore as part of my cat costume I actually made! I went to fabric land with my grandma and we bought all the stuff I needed and I think it cost about £4 or £5 in total! I was really quite proud of my little creation! 

The cats eyes contacts I have in we’re from Hollywood fancy dress and we’re £9.99 for a disposable one day use set of contacts. I always where contacts on Halloween every year so know what to do with them but if you don’t make sure you read up on how to apply and take out because they can be fiddly! 
When I asked Millie what she wanted to be she didn’t really mind so when I suggested we matched she was more than happy to be kittens! Although she had to be a scary one and I was a nice one with (in her words) scary weird eyes haha! Luke got the kids ready and by half 5 we were good to go, house decorated, food out, macaroni cooking in the slow cooker and costumes on! I had a few games up my sleeve but my house was so hectic we only got to play a couple! I had a pumpkin filled with pumpkin yuk and water and hidden in there was sweets for the kids to dig and find and we did a classic put the spider on the cobweb. In the kitchen me and Luke were getting in a right state with donuts and string trying to tie them all together to play the donut game but they kept breaking and we were covered in icing so we gave up on that one. We had an outside game that I’d set up but it was too cold for the kids and pitch black in our garden, and lastly I made a “guess what’s in the box” and completely forgot about it!! It was on top of the cupboard and when everyone left I’d spotted it!! So I was a bit gutted about the games we didn’t play but never mind the kids had fun regardless!! 

Everyone commented on how the house was decorated and the effort that had gone into the food which I was happy about! The kids were happy and the adults had a good catch up which was great and we were all dressed up! I’m not sure about any of the other kids but Connor didn’t eventually fall asleep until about 9.30!! He was so hyped up on sugar charging round screaming and shouting all I kept thinking was he’s never going to make it to school tomorrow, but he surprised me and were were at school on time this morning! I love Halloween for the kids, I love dressing up and dressing the kids up and just having fun all together. The children all looked amazing and its always nice to see all of them together. I’ve written a separate post on all the food so you can get all that here ➡️ My mwahahahalloween feast. We had a great time and I love hosting, by 8.30pm my house was back to normal and all tidy apart from the hanging decorations and outside bits. 

Hope all the little ones had great fun trick or treating and you’ve all had a happy Halloween! 


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