Half-up HOTW style 💖

This week was getting back to normal with school runs with mills so while we were having our movie night Thursday evening and the kids were stuffing their faces with popcorn, I thought I’d have a little play around with Millie’s hair fresh out the shower. 

This style I’ve done before, it’s so easy and looks really pretty and millie likes having her hair down so half up half down is a win win. 

  1. Start by sectioning the hair in half from ear to opposite ear. Tie back the bottom half that will be left down to get it out the way. 
  2. Split your top section in half using the middle parting and tie the right section into its own ponytail- that bits done. 
  3. With the left section French or Dutch braid it right back until you run out of joining hair, as you then start to free braid into a normal plait every time you cross over you right strand add in a little section of hair from the ponytail. 
  4. Continue all the way down and fasten with an elastic. 
  5. Untie your bottom section and brush out. 

There you have it pretty hairstyle in a matter of minutes. 


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