5 minute braids!

I’m a bit late posting my HOTW posts so I’ve got 2 easy hairstyles this week for you guys. The first is-

Side Dutch braid with 3 mini braids. 

  1. Start by parting the hair about 4 inches up from the ear on your chosen side.
  2. Tie the biggest section off and split the small section above the ear into 3 sections. 
  3. Braid the 3 mini sections into little plaits and secure with elastic. 
  4. Untie your big section and start to Dutch braid down adding each mini braid in as you come to it. 
  5. Secure at the bottom with a cute hairband or bow! 

Diagonal bubble braid into side ponytail. 

  1. Start by sectioning the top of the hair to your right side with an elastic. 
  2. Then section your second bit just under your first elastic and add in the first ponytail. 
  3. Carry on this pattern all the way down but with every new elastic position it slightly to the left so your coming round to the left ear eventually. 
  4. Secure with a hairband and add a bow! 

For a full tutorial on a bubble braid click here Bubble braid and top twist

Happy braiding OX 

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