Thank God It’s Friday Hair! 

So this week I’ve decided no matter how early we get up I never have enough time to do something really clever with Millie’s hair before school!! So I decided I’d see how a hair style would hold up if I did it the night before super tight. 

This week I wanted to do something with ribbon 🎀 After mills had her hair washed and the kids were settled down with popcorn and ELF on the telly I thought I’d have a play around. I can corn row so it’s natural for me to do Dutch braids really tight so there’s close to no movement whatsoever. I did 2 Dutch boxing braids and then decided to corset braid the ribbon through the middle using both inner sides on the braids. This was fiddly because the braids were so tight but there are lots of hair gadgets you can pick up from Amazon to help with this like I have. 

So pretty and I was joyed this morning to see it had lasted all night apart from the flyaways which Millie has a lot of from having curly, fine, slightly frizzy hair! So she was one happy child going in with ribbon in her hair this morning! Made my morning a lot less rushed! 


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