Christmas fair hair!  

Luke did the school drop offs Friday morning as we were off to London for the weekend after the school runs so I needed time to get ready properly. So Luke doing them meant I had lots of time to get the kids ready and do Millie’s hair nice for her school xmas fair. 

I sectioned off the front part of her hair from one ear to the other. I tied up the back half and with the front half I split it into 4 sections, the middle 2 sections being slightly bigger than the sides. I then Dutch braided back and free braided down after running out of hair to add. Once I’d done all 4 I split the tied up half into 2 ready for bunches. I then combed the first side into a ponytail, added in the braid by the ear and then crossed over the opposite middle braid and tied it with an elastic. I did the same for the other side so she had 2 pigtails with cross over plaits in the middle. Perfect for keeping the hair out of her face and staying neat all day but still pretty for the fair after school had finished 🎀💖


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