London Christmas 2016!! 

Oh my gosh my feet are glad to be home. From Friday morning to Sunday afternoon we’ve done in total just over 40,000 steps and climbed 41 flights of stairs. It’s been the loveliest weekend away and we’ve done so much! We arrived in London Waterloo at 12.30 and off we went in search of our hotel, we stayed at The park plaza hotel on the riverbank and it was beautiful. Our room was so lovely, with control pads that controlled everything! Very high-tech. Our hotel over looked the embankment and to the right you could see Westminster. We were about 15 minutes walk to Westminster underground so we had a nice little walk along side the river bank every day. 

Friday evening I had booked tickets to Covent Garden comedy club. My dad and my step mum have been to comedy clubs in London and they said if nothing else it’s a great atmosphere and evening out so I thought it’ll be something ticked off our list at least. Well it was brilliant!! We laughed from start to finish, the more Luke had to drink the louder his laugh and clap got! That’s how I tell on a scale how drunk he is😂. There was 2 guys who performed that both me and Luke said how funny they were but some jokes were a little painful! You know you want to laugh but your not quite sure if you should?! I think it’s a proper British thing to do when we question if we should laugh or not incase we offend anyone! I would 100% recommend the comedy club to anyone it was so funny and a brilliant evening out, and Covent Garden was beautifully decorated in Christmas lights and Christmas trees with street performers and singers on every corner. 

Saturday we treated ourselves to a huge lie-in. You have to when you come away without your kids right??! We decided to get out by lunchtime so we ordered room service and had breakfast in bed before getting sorted. I’m a complete coffee addict now so there’s no point in asking me to do anything until I’ve had an espresso or strong coffee or i just won’t take anything in! The main reason we were in London this weekend was for this day, WINTER WONDERLAND!! I can’t tell you how excited I was to be going! Knowing it was just myself and Luke meant we could do all the rides and not bypass anything because the kids were with us. 

Once we were in Hyde park you instantly feel like a hearded animal! There are people everywhere, streets closed off, men in high vis jackets and massive foam fingers pointing the way to go! It’s complete mayhem but once your going the right way everyone is going to the same place so it’s ok. It only took us about 10minutes to walk to the entrance and once my bag had been checked and Luke had been thoroughly patted down ( it’s because he looks so dodgy) we were in. 

It’s huge!! I couldn’t believe how big it was. It was such a fun day out, and we went on everything,  bought food and little trinkety things from the market stalls. The only thing I would say is make sure your prepared to spend some money. It’s very expensive and the rides are between £5-£9 per person per ride! Now we’ve done it I think the next time we go will be in a couple of years when the kids are older and we can take them. I’d of been so scared of loosing one of them if we’d of taken them this time. It’s so pretty at night but it got busier and busier as the day went on and by the evening it was hard to get through the crowds but there were kids everywhere! I’d of probably had an anxiety attack or something from being so stressed about our kids if they were with us! 

We left winter wonderland at about 6.30 ish and walked back to Westminster. Whilst we were there we met up with a guy Luke works with and his wife. They were staying near us so we all went back to Westminster and went to a little Italian restaurant for dinner and drinks, it was an amazing day out and well worth the hustle and bustle of London. 

Sunday morning we set the alarm so that we’d be up and out by 10am. Our concierge at the hotel had a taxi waiting to take us to Waterloo station where we paid to store our bags for the duration of the day until our train arrived in the afternoon. We got a tube to Camden Town and within 20 minutes we were in the heart of Camden market! This I enjoyed the most, street food everywhere and so many people charging through the town. It was so cultural with the food and music playing. We got a few bits from the market and fuelled up on food as we only had a limited time to enjoy Camden. Once we were back at Waterloo we decided to get YO! Sushi for lunch and jump on an earlier train home so we were back in Bournemouth by 5pm. Home and back to reality after an amazing weekend spending quality time with my love, it was brilliant ❤️

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