Infinity Dutch braids and pull through patterns! 

So HOTW this week is 2 styles! The first one I love, my bestie was was wanting braids so I did infinity braids on her and they lasted 2 days! Then she came round and asked for me to redo it all. We got stopped in Tescos by a lady asking how I did them and she had lots of compliments at work as well! A brilliant twist on the classic Dutch boxer braids! 

The second style was on Millie for her last day of school and it was super easy. 

I sectioned off a chunk of her hair at the top and tied the rest out the way. I then split the section in 2 and tied 1 little ponytail and then used a clever tool to flip it over and pull through to add to the second little ponytail behind it. I did 3 in each section so she had 6 in total. I tied it all up in a ponytail and added a big bow and that was it. 

Super cute and really quick for an early morning start! ❤️

The tool I used to do Millie’s pull throughs you can get here On amazon.

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