My Top 3 Games Of Christmas!

Christmas has been absolute mayhem, and one thing that is undeniable is that the kids have been spoilt rotten by our families and they both got everything they asked for this year.

Here are my top 3 games that the kids got this year trial and tested by us adults of course!

  1. Doggie Doo Game- amazon £22.75


Connor absolutely loves this game and he’s been asking for it for a while. it was slightly confusing on how to set it up to start with, and at one point myself, Luke and Connors uncle Aaron thought wed killed the dog before we even got to play it! but once we read the instructions properly a couple of times and got the hang of it Connor was dying with laughter. doggie doo is available on amazon for a cool £22.75 and the link is stated above. this one gets a 10/10 from me for laughs and a 7/10 for easy set up.

2. Barbeque Party Game- amazon £15.49


we loved this adaptation on the classic buckaroo! barbecue party was easy set up and the rules were also easy to follow. lots of fun with this game and its available for a very reasonable price of just £15.49 on amazon! link above. this one gets a 8/10 from me!

3. crocodile dentist – amazon £13.98


another good one for the kids, Millie and daddy showed Connor how to play this one so its easy instructions and easy set up. Connor was a little scared to play it at first but once he did it he was fine and wanted to carry on playing! this game is on amazon for a really good price of just £13.98 bargain! Luke rates this at a 7/10 his reasoning is that its easy for the kids to play but not as fun for the whole family adults included.


the kids got so many games for Christmas this year that this is how far weve got in regards to playing them. so keep your eyes peeled for any others I review in the next couple of posts.



everything written in this post are of my own views on these products and nobody else’s. the products are available in other shops and sites, and all pictures used are sourced from  images.


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