Here comes the new year! Dec 2016

2 months build up and now its all over and done with in 2 whole days! can you really believe how much trouble us parents go to for our children just for one day?! its crazy to me but I would never stop doing it obviously, now Christmas is over I’m quite relieved. fretting about whether the toys we got the kids are right and if they will be happy with them, spending copious amounts of money just for one day and making sure everything is ticked off the lists I’m going to be honest I’m a little glad its all done with until next year.

the kids, like I said got everything they asked for this year. poor Luke has had a screwdriver attached to his hand for the last few days putting together all these things that come in gigantic boxes and fill the recycling bin so that normal day to day stuff can no longer fit.

All Connor was bothered about was getting a furby, he was dying for one and because my dad and step mum bought them for the kids this year there was panic on his face every time he opened something early xmas morning and it wasn’t a furby. We had to keep reassuring him that Santa drops some bits off to nana’s house and to granddad and nana’s house so we just have to wait and see. We actually got Connor a bike this year as his main gift, which once the furby had arrived Connor could relax and finally appreciate the bloody bike! Millie asked for a baby that did everything, she wanted it to cry, wee, eat, drink and everything else possible! so she got baby born as her main gift and I went a step further to get the one that poo’d as well! yes you read that right the doll craps in her nappy!! so gross but I am intrigued to see how it all works later when she comes over to stay for a couple of days. she got the changing table and high chair to go with her doll and a scooter to ride around with Connor so she was a happy girly. It makes it all worth while when you see their faces opening the gifts you got them Christmas morning. it makes the worry and the spending all worth it.

Has everyone got their plans sorted for NYE yet? I have to work the morning but Connors off to my mums for the night so we are off out for dinner with Luke’s brother and his girlfriend for dinner and a few drinks instead of going to a pub or club. I think NYE is so overrated these days, nobody actually has the best night ever and its always a bit of a let down and costs a freaking fortune! so here’s to dinner and drinks I say……..

2017 god I cant believe its almost here, so many things to look forward to next year and I cant wait to start spilling the beans. This year has been full of ups and downs, Connor starting school being the main up!

I wish you all great health and happiness for 2017 and thank you all for supporting Mum On A Mission this year!


Keleigh Ox

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