2016 in 12 Pictures! 

I thought I’d do a little end of year post with 12 of my favourite snap shots of 2016, I’m always taking pictures so it was pretty hard to narrow it down and I might have cheated by using a couple of collage pics but who cares?! so as outcast say “let’s shake it like a Polaroid picture”. 

Watching the kids bond grow this year as they have become their own little people has been lovely to watch, if not slightly stressful at times with all the screaming and racing around! 

The first of 2 trips to London in 2016! This one in Feb was for my birthday and a chance to be proper tourists! 

Watching Millie in her dance show was lovely, she’s done so well this year with her dancing and is always showing me new moves! 

Centerparcs was brilliant and I can’t wait to go back again this year!! 

A small selection of my favourite hairstyles I’ve created this year for hair of the week posts! 

Filling the kids summer holidays with fun days out, beach days, doing fun things at home with them both and spending quality time together all 4 of us. 

Connor starting school and doing so well in his first term! I’m so proud of him, and his 2 favourite women stood with him. ❤

Throwing our first Halloween party, I try not to remember the mess but I love my house filled with people and kids laughing and playing! 

Our xmas trip to London was bloody amazing and we had the best weekend spending quality time together! 

We had another great Christmas spoiling the kids and enjoying the time off work! 

Connors first nativity play at school! 

Lastly bringing in the new year! 2017 I am sooo ready for you. 


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