Operation New Year Health Kick! 

So I may have mentioned before I’m a bit of a half a glass empty kinda girl when it comes to fitness and healthy eating. I’ve always been good at crash dieting which obviously is not a good way to do it, but when it’s all getting a bit tight I can drop a few LBs and I’m sweet. 

It’s the start of 2017 and Luke qualifies soon as a PT so we were talking and decided to really start the new year being healthy, fit and gaining more energy. When I get an idea I tend to hit the ground running so I was straight online ordering kettle bells and steps and mats. We watched a couple of kettle bell routine videos and Luke put together a little routine for me which started with 20 squats! I can honestly tell you by the end of it I was dead and feel even worse today- I nearly fell down that’s right DOWN the stairs this morning, and driving into work was rather unpleasant. But I feel good! We made healthy lunches last night cooking up lots of chicken and veg and fruit. Luke says we need to run like every night so apparently that’s starting at some point as well. 😬💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️

Dinners I’m loving at the moment, searching lots of recipes and trying them out. I made sirloin steak open lettuce wraps with home made sweet potato paprika chips and grilled spinach. 

My next mission is to rid the house of unhealthy crap- other than the kids stuff. I don’t eat loads but I snack and that’s what I need to cut out I think. I can go nearly all day surviving on just a cereal bar or something small when I’m super busy. But being diabetic as well it’s no good for me and keeping my blood sugar levels under control so eating little and often is the goal. I’m gunna start juicing again as well so I’ll put a couple of recipes up on the blog this week of my favs (if I can remember them 🙄😉) 
We book centerparcs again next week and I’m so excited!! There’s a few of us friends going this time with all our kids in tow so I think it’ll be a cracker, and we’ve got a bigger lodge etc so I’m excited for that in April- plus it’s more fitness motivation! 

All the kids are ill at the minute, Connors been going into school and his class is halved, Millie’s been poorly this week too and this morning Connor had a temperature but complained he was freezing so I think he’s down next! 

Hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year, look out for my fitness and recipe blogs coming, wish me luck!! 


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