HOTW flip Dutch braids ❤️

I’ve not done a HOTW post for a couple of weeks so I’m kicking it back off with 2 styles on Millie that are very similar. 

Here I did 3 tight Dutch braids before bedtime but instead of starting from her forehead and working my way back, I did it the other way round and started from the middle of her head braiding towards her forehead. I then free braided down, and then turned the plaits back on themselves so they laid flat next to the Dutch part. They stayed in lovely over night and in the morning we put her hair in a ballet bun to keep it all neat and tidy! 

Next up is this style! Love this, did exactly the same as above just with 2 bigger sections starting from either side of her parting! Finished off in pigtails and 2 bows. 


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