Corfe castle- Feb half term! 2017

At Connors school xmas fair we won a family pass to corfe castle, so I decided to put it in our letter holder and save it for the half term when Luke had a day off and we could make a day of it! 

The kids were so excited to be seeing a castle, I don’t think it’s what they expected ( being ruins) 😂 but they were still happy to explore! When we got there a lovely lady who worked on the grounds sorted our ticket out and explained where to go. Once we were in we were met by another lady handing out “quests” to the children with the promise of a prize once completed. I love days out, going to different places and showing the kids that it’s fun to be outside. Luke is such a geek when it comes to history and nature, I swear he fancies himself as a young David Attenborough sometimes.🙈 so you could tell he was loving all the different parts of the castle, stopping to read every stone with information on it and helping the kids spot the shields for the answers to the quest. Me on the other hand loved the fact it was a prime photo op and I could get some pretty beautiful shots of the kids and surroundings. 

This picture for example I have just ordered on canvas! Sitting on what I think was a window ledge laughing at each other with a beautiful view behind them was photo gold for me.❤ 

We walked loads, claimed loads of steps, sat to have a picnic and watch everybody else explore for a little while and enjoy the fresh air- with the odd moan “I’m cold” every so often. I count ourselves very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, being in Bournemouth we’ve got countryside, the beach, posh sandbanks and really lovely landmarks such as this one 20 minutes down the road. 

The kids were given a teddy each to take up to the top of the castle that they could then fasten to “the teddy zip wire”. You could just see how much they enjoyed something so simple. Connor chose a snake so it was long and ended up wearing it round his neck to stop him tripping over it every 5 minutes, Millie chose the girliest rabbit there, I knew she’d pick that one. So once we were at the top off we shot the teddies all the way down to the bottom! 

At the entrance there is a couple of tents set up with different things going on throughout the day. We watched some men doing some work with wood etc, then we watched a man acting as a resident in the castle and making all the children laugh. It was quite nice that every so often one of the kids asked a question, I know they weren’t overly bothered about the history of where we were but you could tell they were taking in what we were talking about between us. 

I’ve been to corfe castle lots of times when I was a kid, school trips and family outings but it was nice to come back as an adult and take in the facts you could read, and what parts of the castle are what. It’s such a beautiful walk, and it was a bit of exercise for all of us too which never hurts. So if your ever at a loose end and it’s nice outside go and visit! 

The kids were so happy they completed their quest and received national trust wristbands, they talked about where we had been all the way home! 


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