Top 5 best buys of March! 2017

Hello to all my new blog followers!! I’ve just noticed this morning I have almost reached 1000 followers (930 to be exact) and I’m so grateful to have lovely people interested in what I have to say! It may seem a small amount to some, but for me this is huge! Anyway, lets get on with my top 5 buys of march, its a new month and I’ve noticed I haven’t done a top 5 post since December! > My top 3 games for Christmas.

  1. I have some amazing leather look leggings that I love, and the best part is they are “tall”!!! they’re available here at BOOHOO for £15!


2. Up next is this super cute top I got for Connor. Growing up, me and my friends were obsessed with the show on Nickelodeon Keenan And Kel! so when I saw this Tshirt I had to get it for Connor, completely for my benefit! you can get it here LITTLESQUIDGES for just £9!                                  IMG_1612

3. so its no secret how big of a fan I am of t-shirt dresses, and this one is one of my favs! its a little bit adult but if like me you have a EF IT attitude then why the hell not ha! you can get this dress here LASULA BOUTIQUE for £18!


4. so my next one is Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide. its brilliant as usual, just when you think he cant top his last he somehow does it. I bought it on ITunes the day it was released for £9.01 but Im sure its available everywhere so go! go get it now!


5. last but not least I have a favourite fragrance at the moment and i thought id share it with you all to try, Gucci Bamboo is amazing! I got it for Christmas and have just restocked. Ive put a link up here GUCCI BAMBOO from the perfume shop but you can get it from boots and places like that too.

thanks for reading guys, if you decide to buy any of these things from reading my posts please tag me on social media here – Twitter Instagram


-everything written in this post are of my own views and opinions on these products and nobody else’s. divide album photo is sourced from Images and the rest are my own.

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