From one mother to another💜

Urgh I’m hungover. Girls nights are the best nights but my god, every time I say ” well I’ll be driving next time because I feel awful this morning” and I never learn my lesson! Turning up to my dads this morning (I wasn’t driving)😂 to pick Connor up in last nights makeup, last nights top, my friends pj bottoms and heels was very questionable even for me! But signs of a good night nonetheless! 

There’s something about getting ridiculously drunk, dancing like you don’t give a fuck and laughing until your cheeks hurt that makes you feel so much better. Regardless of weather your Mother Earth or you wake up most days just praying you’ll all make it through alive, we all need to let our hair down, us mums more than anyone. 💜

I used to look at other mothers, other families just to make sure I was on the same wavelength as them, I forgot that it didn’t matter. The only people that matter are you, and your child/children. So many of us feel guilty for really really trivial things, the amount of parenting fails I’ve encountered in the last 5 years and horrendously funny stories I could tell you that I’ve done would restore any mothers faith in their day to day mummying. My point is, we all mummy different whether your a newly single mum muddling through, trying to find your feet and decide what your next move is, or your a mum holding down a other half, a home and family or your a working mummy juggling it all. Right at this moment I feel like I’m all of the above but I’m doing it as best as I can as are all of you other mums out there! Last night I needed a good laugh with my friends and I’m not going to feel guilty about it! And neither should you. So just remember my fellow hungover mummies dying on the sofa today, you bloody deserved that night out last night! And as long as your kids are fed and loved and relatively clean 😂 then so what that they’re running around naked and trashing the house for the day! 

It winds me up sometimes that women can be so judgmental, I often over hear conversations in restaurants or play areas etc of groups of the “Mother Earth” types slagging off their fellow mums. FYI just because your kids are organically fed and are constantly in the cresh at your gym does not make you higher than any of us trying to ride the waves of parenthood! So the next time you hear something or even go to say something, take a sec to rethink, “we need to build each other up  not tear each other down”. 

“When women support each other incredible things happen!” – one of my favourite quotes, we all know Beyoncé speaks the truth when she says “who run the world?! GIRLS! It’s not a question she’s asking, remember that 😘

✌🏼+❤ ox 

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