Adios Ross Gardens 💜🏡

My first family home, the kids driving each other crazy but so much laughter. Family nights in, nights on my own with both kids or just Connor and sitting down at the end of the day proud that I’ve kept this house running smoothly. 

This week I’ve started the packing, so far I’ve cried twice got angry once and had a little lie down in between boxes and it’s only Tuesday. Every box I pack is another memory off into storage or coming with me in the move. I didn’t realise how many photos I had up until I had to take them all down and attempt to remove nails from walls!😂 I’m a real hoarder! Shock! 

I can’t explain how much I love my house. I made it our home and it’s incredibly sad to be leaving. But on a happier note I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me and Connor, the decision I’ve made to move forward on my own is one of the hardest I’ll ever make but the time has come to sacrifice some things for a better way of life. 

It’s going to be tough leaving, it’s where I was the hostess all the time and we always had our friends round. It’s where Connor had his first big boy bed and potty trained, learnt to ride his scooter and left for his first day of primary school. It’s where the tooth fairy visited Millie for the first time and where she drew her first picture of all of us together. It makes me sad to think about leaving it all behind and when I write it all down I get a little bit choked, but what’s waiting round the corner for me is a fresh start and the clean slate that I want! 

So to the place I’ve called home for nearly 4 years, the place we’ve had poorly kids and cleaned copious amounts of sick from, pulled all nighters, done 2 hourly wake ups, thrown parties, and not left the house for 3 days straight for one reason or another. You’ve served me well and I’ll miss you, but it’s time to make some new memories ✨

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